Bábolna Brojler Kft. deals with meat-type poultry breeding and large-scale distribution of hatching eggs as well as day-old chickens produced in accordance with the professional requirements of the broiler industry. As a result of our precise work, our products are an excellent basis for both hatching and fattening.

Our main activities:

Day-old chickens for sale
  • breeding stocks under continuous veterinary supervision
  • hatching and sorting with expertise
  • vaccination according to professional expectations and customer needs
  • packaging in paper or plastic boxes
  • transport by special trucks suitable for day-old chickens
  • hatching capacity up to 860 000 chickens/week
Hatching eggs for sale
  • self-owned breeding farms
  • production collected on a daily basis
  • professional storage in a central facility
  • packaging in paperboard suitable for long-term transport
  • capacity up to 840 # cartons/shipment several times weekly
  • professional supervision during hatch, loading, transport and housing
  • on-site inspection if required
  • continuous veterinary and feeding consultation even on site
  • laboratory testing possibilities on request for a fee
cartons of eggs/shipment

Our company currently deals with ROSS 308 parent stocks

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